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How We Work

How we work

Our terms of business outline our approach to working practices. We want the best relationship with our clients and aim to provide a thoroughly professional service.

We Aim to:

  1. Respond promptly to communications
  2. Give written up to date costs information for work we undertake
  3. Accurately record all time spent in the conduct of our Clients’ affairs
  4. Keep our Clients informed of progress with details of any delays and the reasons for them

We Will Not:

  1. Accept work that is beyond our expertise
  2. Incur costs unreasonably
  3. Charge for advice that our Clients do not reasonably need

In return, we ask our clients to help us work more efficiently, quickly, and economically by:

  1. Providing clear instructions and all necessary information promptly when requested
  2. Telling us in good time if we need to take account of important time limits
  3. Avoiding unnecessary telephone calls and appointments

Please be aware that the law regarding our professional duties and responsibilities requires that we verify the identity of all our Clients. Evidence is needed that clearly identifies who you are and confirms your residential address. By providing this information it makes it harder for criminals to use false names in committing crimes.

You will not have to prove your identity every time you deal with us and the information you provide is held confidentially.

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